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Invitation to Hakoniwa WG

We welcome the participation of those who agree with the purpose of the Hakoniwa WG. If you would like to participate in discussions on Slack, have requests for our activities, develop core technologies and assets, or utilize the technical outcomes of the Hakoniwa WG and employ them in product development, etc., don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Email: (Replace _at_ with @)

Hakoniwa Forum: Technical questions and discussions

We maintain GitHub Discussions as a social networking site for developers, engineers, and users involved in Hakoniwa.

In trying out the Hakoniwa prototype model, we welcome technical questions (even those related to underlying technologies, such as Athrill, of course), as well as ideas on how to utilize Hakoniwa and related general topics are also welcome.

The following categories are available; please choose the appropriate one and submit your entry.

  • Announcements: What’s new from Hakoniwa members
  • General: General topics about Hakoniwa and underlying technology, a.k.a. chatting place.
  • Idea&Request: Can I use it like this? I want to use it like this! Let’s share ideas!
  • Inquiry: Inquiries and requests for participation in Hakoniwa WG activities (for technical questions, please use “Q&A”)
  • Q&A: Technical questions (questions about individual technology elements, including Athrill, are also welcome! (Please let us know about any problems you encountered during the trial of the Hakoniwa prototype model)

Hakoniwa mokumoku-kai: Developing Hakoniwa and chatting.

Hakoniwa WG holds “Mokumoku-kai” irregularly, which is open to the public via connpass and attended by the development members of Hakoniwa WG.

“Mokumoku” means “to do something quietly by oneself,” and “kai” means “meeting.” So, “mokumoku-kai” is generally a meetup to study, work, read, etc., casually and alone. In Hakoniwa WG, we bring up what we want to do or want to know, express it with light self-introductions, and after a short period of “mokumoku,” share the progress.

If you have heard about Hakoniwa at various events and are curious about it, or if you are just curious about Unity x ROS aside from Hakoniwa, please join us. There is no specific schedule, so those who want to chat with the development team members are welcome to join us.

Join Hakoniwa WG

Hakoniwa WG is a part of TOPPERS Project.
If you join as a member of Hakoniwa WG, we also ask you to join the TOPPERS Project in principle. We are also planning TOPPERS Project members-only events and early access to Hakoniwa WG products as soon as possible.

For more information on joining the TOPPERS Project, please contact the TOPPERS Project Office.

〒104-0042 1-5-11 Irifune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Koho Building 5F
(General Incorporated Association) Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)
TEL & FAX: 03-5643-5166
Email: (Replace _at_ with @)

Members & Roles

Takashi MORIProject General Manager, AthrillESM, Inc.
Hideki TAKASEmROS, ROS, IoTThe University of Tokyo / JST PRESTO
Shintaro HOSOAIIDE, Modeling, Visualization, CloudChange Vision, Inc.
Mitsutaka TAKADAKernel, ApplicationCenter for Embedded Computing Systems, Nagoya Univ.
Masayoshi NIWANOAutomotive components, Cloud, IDEEXEO Digital Solutions
Tatsuya HUKUDACloud, RoboticsINTEC Inc.
Akihiro KOMORIVisualization

Only those who have given permission are listed.